Baffled Di

If humans are unique, stands to reason that the writing process is also unique. And what works for one may not work for another. That said, I am completely baffled by some writing processes, because from what I've seen, nothing appears to get done.

I have one friend who writes fanfiction. This friend plans and plans and plans. Sometimes things get written. Mostly not, from what I've seen. Thor will jump from a tree and punch Loki. Maybe it'd be better if he jumped from a plane and accidentally punched Natasha, allowing Loki to escape. Maybe…

Planning is definitely important; it's why my stuff is stalled at the moment, although I'm getting a sense of ideas and such that could mean I pick it up for Camp next month. I needed a plan–the one I had was decent enough to an extent, but it was lacking that something that could have kept it going. Luckily most of what I has is still usuable. Just… need to write it. *looks innocent*

However, making a plan and then changing it all the time… that doesn't make any sense to me. Making a plan fit so that everything can work out how you want, that kind of change is expected—and if anyone knows how to make a flawless first plan, please do tell me. Hell, I wouldn't even object to writing something out and changing that…

When it gets to the point that you don't make any progress because you keep changing things… that's not a good thing.


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