Story Progress

Camp is next month. I've signed up for a course thingy with Holly Lisle. And I know what I want to be working on, so I feel like I'm a bit ahead of the game.

The story I've got in mind I've already tried once to write; I didn't do too badly with it, but life issues kind of meant I didn't work on it as much as I'd've liked, and 25K in, I realised I needed a better kind of plot than what I had. There is one problem with it, however—the issue of my world's races.

The story is fantasy, so I suppose if I want to, I can create a race that stands two inches tall and causes anyone to burp, go blind and urinate simultaneously when speaking, but that really wouldn't fit in my novel anyhow. Except maybe as pests. Hmm… *tilts head, thinking* …no, not going to work.

I know what I'd like to do with my races… but when I think about them, what I would do… I think, "but isn't that cliche by now?"

Not that in one sense, I should be stopped from having dragons in my novel if I bloody well want—but I think it's been done to death. I want something… hmm.

I think I just solved my problem.



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  1. Athena says:

    Take a stroll through TV Tropes some time. Not only is everything cliche, basically every subversion, inversion or aversion of a lot of tropes are *also* cliche enough to warrant their own tropes.

    In short, you're not gonna find anything that *someone* hasn't done before, so don't worry about being cliche and just worry about good, solid writing and characters 😛 Cliche frequently is because it works.

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