An American Visit

Ick. Already the 12th of July… well. Apologies to any one who reads, but there are reasons that I was absent. So, let's begin.

My friend Amy flew into Sydney on the twenty-seventh of June. Being that we wished to meet each other, we had made plans to meet up on the twenty-ninth—a Saturday—but those plans got scuppered because of a terrible day she had. She wanted a friend to be with, so we met up early. I introduced her to Burger Fuel, one of the greatest fast food places ever. I discovered it in New Zealand. Thankfully Australia has a place, else it would get expensive going to New Zealand for noms.

Mmm… well, this is a problem. I remember what we did, but not really when for some of the days. See, I came down with a cold/sore throat/something or other that Ameh thought was bronchitis, but the doctor said wasn't, so… meh. Oh well.

We got a bunch of videos and watched them, I recall that. Finding Nemo was very important as I'd never seen it. That was fun… Hansel and Gretel was decent enough, but it was so ridiculous. Who the hell wrote that? I forget what else we watched. Which makes me sad.

Sunday, though, we headed to Winterfest—a medieval faire. Ameh and I both tried on corsets. I must buy one! And we saw jousting, which was awesome; I actually was given a piece of shattered lance. Ameh also wanted to have her picture taken with an owl, I think it was. So that was quite fun.

Monday, we went to the Jenolan Caves, going on a tour of the Imperial Cave, a self-guided Nettle Cave tour, and the extended Orient Cave. I managed to hurt myself by slipping down a ladder step thing so… bleh. Getting out of the Orient Cave was so much fun, not.

Tuesday we slept in late and headed for Scenic World late in the afternoon. We didn't have very long there, unfortunately, but we managed to travel on the Cableway (steepest aerial cable car in the Southern Hemisphere!), walk along the Walkway (a path through a Jurassic rainforest!), travel up the Railway (steepest incline railway in the world!) and travel on the Skyway (highest cable car in Australia!)

Wednesday, July 3rd, was the big day, though.

We went to Taronga Zoo and spent a good three or so hours travelling through it. I want to go back. It was amazing. Then we caught a ferry back to Circular Quay and headed for Bridge Climb, for a night-time climb.

Yes. We climbed the Coathanger.

Now, I have no problem with heights. Falling from them, yes, that I have a problem with.

So I was terrified the entire time, but now having done it, I would TOTALLY LOVE TO DO IT AGAIN.

After that, we went to Pancakes on the Rocks, saw the Sydney Opera House and mostly just drove around Sydney because Ameh was leaving early on a flight. She was happy to be dropped off at the airport at one-thirty am—but she couldn't get in, so she was stuck with me for a while longer.

Saw her off, got home and… well. Today is the first day since developing that cold or whatever that I've felt good enough to do more than just read and talk to people.

And much thanks to my father type person, who did all the driving ever to get us places.


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  1. KD Sarge says:

    Sounds awesome! I am afraid of heights, but I still would love to try that climb!

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