@hollylisle: Getting Kicked In The Pants

(The title of this post is something of a test to see if it'll show up correctly on Twitter.)

I have always wanted to be a writer. And bit by bit, I have managed to improve. I may not be at the point of publishing something, but I have seen it: my stories now are fantastically better than what I used to write.

Last year, Holly Lisle shut down her How To Think Sideways course with one final sale. On the advice of a few good friends, I signed up for it. I signed up for How to Write a Series–and I inspired an entire lesson when Holly asked for what we wanted to see. *is still kind of ridiculously proud of that*

I don't like many courses that aim to teach you something. If I want to learn how to bake (I don't, I know enough to know baking is something I shouldn't do, but if I did…) then I want a course that teaches me that. So why is it that to learn to bake, I have to take a cooking course that teaches me how to roast, grill and BBQ as well? I honestly can't think of any course I ever took that didn't teach me extraneous extras to what I wanted to learn.

Except Holly Lisle seems to have done it. Here I have a perfect course, aimed solely at teaching me methods to write. And I haven't done it. *sigh* Part of it's life sucking away time, part of it's my own damn fault. I know that.

I've been getting emails about things on her site, and intending to do them… but… when?

Last night, I got an email about her How To Revise Your Novel course. It's relaunching or something. Not entirely certain. Still, I've never taken it. She's included a bonus: if you are the first, or every 33rd buyer thereafter of the course from its point of release, at the end of doing the course, she'll crit your first 33 pages of the novel you revised during the course.

Even if I bought it, I can't do it. I haven't got a novel to revise–or at least the one I have needs to be rewritten in entirety. To me that's less HTRYN and more HTTS. So I'm going to miss out on this opportunity, and while that sucks so hard, it was a good kick in the pants. I am a writer. But to be published, I need to write. And that means doing it.

Which means something has to give. And at this point… that means it's very likely that the courses I'm doing through TAFE will be what goes. At this point, I'm not sure if that means deferring them or what.

Whatever it is, this is what I need to do. For myself. For my future.


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  1. wonderer says:

    I know the feeling. Good on you for resolving to do something about it…and best of luck!

    (And it's very cool that Holly Lisle picked up on your lesson idea!)

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