Getting Organised

Every now and again, I clear out my computer hard drives—I think organisation is important; it's good to be able to go and pull out what I want without too much searching. I'm doing a bit of that now. A little procrastination, perhaps, but it's a bit overdue, for one thing, and for another, I'm using the time to think over a new plot point.

Still, an organised computer is not the only thing that can—or should—be organised. Writing spaces, and living spaces should also be organised. Which can be a little more difficult to do, if living with other people. We've got a livable place, but it could be organised a lot better. And my room; I can work in it, but I also see that I could have a cleaner place, so… I'll try and work on that this weekend.

Also. Should I have a name for you followers? I know a friend of mine calls her followers according to the name of her blog.


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