Living in Imaginary Worlds

So Siri (not Apple's Siri (am I allowed to call her Siri? (that is, the first Siri, not Apple's Siri (wow, how many parenthetical remarks can I fit in here?)))) wrote a blog post that's been going around.

Here's my attempt at five imaginary worlds I'd like to live in.

1. Animorphs.

I have mentioned Animorphs before, so readers will know I like the series. And I'm putting it at number one, for the simple fact: the morphing technology developed by the Andalites. Being able to become any creature that had a DNA sequence… that concept grabbed me and held fast. I also strongly identified with Tobias—my home life was better than his, I can admit, but it wasn't perfect. And reading the series, the ambiguity of whether Tobias had deliberately put himself in a situation where he'd be trapped, or if it was just accidental…

I wouldn't have blamed him if he'd done it deliberately. I knew I would've. Less so now, though the idea still retains a certain appeal. Oh well, my issues can be the subject of another blog post.

2. Firefly/Serenity.

I am a Browncoat. I even have a brown jacket.

I liked the movie. I would have liked it a hell of a lot more if it was longer; it felt a tad compressed. Failings of the movie aside, the universe Whedon created is fantastic. I like the idea of a ship as home, the relative freedom. Although I don't think I'd be a captain… I would be the Companion. The idea of opening doors because I command a certain aura of respect, that is intriguing to me.

3. Veronica Mars.

I did support the Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter. Bring on more VMars.

In high school. A detective. VMars was a pretty kickass girl, and I liked her all the more because she was damn realistic. She was a student first–initially in high school and then at college. And the situations with her love life didn't seem contrived or unrealistic. Nothing about VMars was perfect, and that made it work.

These first three are interesting to me because I have been toying so long with the idea of writing short fiction pieces with myself and other friends taking the place of the characters in these series. Although I've never gotten anywhere with it.

4. Little House on the Prairie.

The way Laura Ingalls Wilder has depicted her childhood and growing up is quite possibly a over-fictionalised account; I don't doubt that the events (moving, Mary's blindness) happened, but the way she depicts Mary and Laura as being 'good' and 'not exactly good but not exactly bad' seems to be more of a literary thing than the actual truth, because Mary ALWAYS being good seems quite unrealistic to me, for one thing.

Still. Who hasn't read those books, wishing they were there? There was so much hard work, so much to do and see… I think it's more the exploration and the things to do that attract me, because I can't say that I want to be America in the 19th century so much, but I do want to do what Laura did.

5. Dying Dust.

Why yes, I am plugging my own universe here, shut up. 😛

This may constitute cheating, but as a writer, I do think it's important that we create worlds we'd like to live in. And I do want to live in my Dust universe. They have magic, their peoples are different and strange and in some cases wild. They're also self-governed amongst their own people…

It's a nice little world, and so I'd like to live in it. Not least because then I'd learn a lot more about it, much faster. *grin*


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  1. Siri Paulson says:

    Thanks for the shout-out and for giving your take on the question! I somehow missed out on Animorphs and Veronica Mars, but I can see the appeal (Trixie Belden was my Veronica Mars, I guess…).

    And yay for Firefly and Little House! My sister and I had a long-running make-believe game based on Little House. Sadly, I had to be Mary because I was blonder and older. But the idea of pioneers definitely attracted me.

    As for my own writing, I think I'd pick the Ancient Egypt-inspired fantasy world where I set First, Do No Harm. I also have a Firefly-inspired world, but it's pretty grim. If I were going for spaceships, I'd pick Star Trek (like I did on my own post). :-)

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