Relative Truth

I have been sketching out a few ideas for my novel… so I feel like I have a much better idea of where it is going, what I want to achieve. And when my muse decided to thwack me over the head with an idea… something else occurred to me.

Anyone here heard of Boethius? He was a philosopher of the early sixth century, born in Rome, eventually executed. He wrote De topicis differentiis, a set of four books. In Book II, he says "Something is readily believable if it seems true to everyone, or to most people, or to the wise. In this the truth or falsity of the argument makes no difference, if only it has the appearance of truth"

Perception matters.

My character may be acting completely reasonably, but in a room full of people who think that what she's done is worthy of exiling her, that's not going to matter one whit.

We see it in the world around us, too. I'm sick to death of hearing about how some idiot kid decided to get a celebrity date for prom. You know why? Because the majority of people congratulate the kid for "having guts" and "getting a chance to fuck a hot chick"… and then call the celebrity a c— if she doesn't go. If she doesn't go, the only thing that stops everyone calling her a c— is some other celebrity stepping in for her. For some reason, a replacement date somehow validates the first date being unavailable.

That is admittedly, a rather extreme example of the perception issue, but no less a valid one.

People believe things—that's a form of perception. I am not a great coder, but I think I'm a relatively decent one. I may be far too slow, and may need to look up how to do things, but I think that if a friend asked me to make a website that was within my current capabilities, I could make something that they were pleased with.

It's very unlikely that anyone would ask me, if they don't believe the same as I do.

Different beliefs, different perceptions. No two peoples agree on the same things. It's a good thing for stories.


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