#WANAFridays: Going Back To School

The #WANAFriday prompt for this week is "What was your favorite thing about going back to school [when you were a kid]?" Interesting prompt. …also makes me wonder what exactly #WANAFridays are for. Someone help?

…and I have to say that there wasn't much fun about going back to school. I was a very socially awkward Di, no friends, plenty of people (at least in primary school) who would harass me if I didn't take what steps I could to stop it–usually hiding in libraries and enjoying rainy days where we were stuck inside. As far as I can see, the teachers were no help either; I told them about this one particularly persistant bully who was older than me, over and over. And he only stopped when he left for high school.

Still, there was a library. I met lots of friends in books: Kristy, Mary-Ann, Stacey, Claudia, Dawn, Mallory, Jessi, Shannon, Logan, Abby… Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, Marco, Aximili… Fitz-Chivalry, Verity, Nighteyes, Burrich, Molly, Chade, Kettricken…

The books were definitely very good.

And shopping for school supplies was good, too. I can't remember my father being all that enthuasiastic about back to school, because it meant that he had to sit down with about seven books times multiple children and cover them all in contact paper. And maybe this is true of everyone, but me? I found buying all this stuff was more exciting than actually using it.

I think once I was bought one of those pens that came with like sixteen different colours, but never again as we were only allowed to use blue or black ink, so of course the pen became 'useless' fairly quickly.

So… there it is.


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  1. Liv Rancourt says:

    Thank goodness for the library! I know my back-to-school would have been very different with out it, especially in middle school.
    Nice post, Di!

  2. Siri Paulson says:

    WANAFridays are for posting on a common topic, sharing links of the other participants to raise exposure to each other's blogs, and visiting around to see other people's takes on the topic. :-)

    I have a soft spot for school libraries too…I got to work in all of mine! I think it was junior high school (Grades 7-9) when I decided to read all the novels in the school library from the beginning. Didn't get very far, but it was a valiant goal….

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  5. Janice Heck says:

    Hmm…sounds like me… shy, shy, shy, and out of it socially. I went to a two-room country school up through fourth grade. It had no library, but I always managed to find something to read, even encyclopedias. And I got in trouble for reading ahead in our basal readers. Oh well.

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