Blogging Resolve and Decisions

I have tried various blogs over my years, and all of them ended up dying. I'm not exactly sure why; probably not just one reason. Lack of time, not sure what to blog about, perhaps even lack of knowing anyone really cared. I will be honest: there's not much reason for anyone to visit my blog. I can change that, but for now, I think I'll content myself with what I have. I would like to be able to look back and say that I kept with blogging for a year, a decade, etc. Even if no one cared. Even if I didn't know what to talk about. It is, I think, a reasonable goal.

Well, it is mostly official; the Di is suffering from a protracted bout of depression. It's been ongoing some eleven or twelve days now, during which time I have accomplished… zip. I've played a few games in web browsers where all you do is click a few buttons, accumulate your 'money' and spend it to get more 'money'.

I've also reached a decision point regarding TAFE. I'm done trying to get through it. There's only one week left before mid semester break, so come October, I'm quitting. Given that I came close to fleeing the last class in tears, I think I'm making the right choice. For me, at least. I could perhaps have handled the course better if I wasn't trying to do classes for three straight days, but that's how it ended up.

I am aware that TAFE and other similar institutions are offering courses that give qualifications that can then be used for obtaining work. I have no real problem with that, however, I do wish that there was more opportunity to learn what one was interested in without needing to learn everything else in the course. This is in part due to the fact that whilst I enjoy learning, I need to want to know what I'm learning about. I would be a lot happier being able to pick and choose what I learned in a course.

As a whole, most of what I've been learning this year I don't have issue with; whilst a good deal of it I have already known due to my own dabbling in computers, it was nice to refresh and learn more. The exception is Photoshop. I needed to make some images for this blog. I can say that no one else helped me, that they were my design. However, the devil is in the details.

My blog's background was made from an online place that gave you some choices of shape, colour, sizes, etc, but essentially did all the work from what you selected. I wish I could remember the link; while it's possible I might own the copyright on my background image, I don't actually know that for sure—in any case, I'd like to give credit where it's due. My blog banner was made using this site. Again, it essentially did all the work from what I input. The most I did was move things around.

That is the extent of my abilities with graphic design, apart from resizing pictures for personal wallpaper usage. I have friends who are decent with graphic design; one of them I've been meaning to pay to get something designed. Money's been an issue, though. Which is frustrating; I feel sorta mean. But basically, if I want something designed, and it needs to be fancier than what I can do, I pay someone else to do it.

You can imagine that a course in Photoshop would be quite frustrating.

I know what the tools do; that's been more or less easy enough to pick up. But when it comes to using them, it just falls apart. Some of the more simple stuff I've been able to do, but… there's a reason I've sent off wallpaper requests and poster images to my friends. They can take a picture of Kate Upton at a photoshoot and pop her into a forest and it doesn't look like she shouldn't be there. (Apart from the clothes and setting disparity.)

Mmm. Well. Tomorrow/Friday, I'll aim to write up what I actually tried to start saying.


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