#WANAFriday: An Interesting Word

The last two prompts for #WANAFriday have not grabbed me. In the case of last week's, I didn't have a Pinterest board to select a photo from that I would then talk about, and I'm not particularly interested in getting one. Mostly I don't see the point in it. (I don't see the point in a lot of internet stuff, actually.)

This week is about sharing a word—favourite or just interesting and explaining what it means to me. This is far easier in a way—being a writer, I deal in words! Yet, it's a little difficult all the same. I'm not sure I have a favourite word; on brief reflection there isn't any word that I like especially that I try to use regularly. That would more apply to phrases and specific wordings. And speaking of specific wordings, I would say that talking about my favourite phrase/wording would technically be beyond the scope of this prompt.

Yes. I do pay attention to how things are worded. It's fun, because in a story, you can say something, and your readers will probably not even notice the actual meaning, making for a fun twist when it all comes together.

Back on track: this leaves me with an interesting word. There are way too many interesting words, from A to Z. Check the site out.

However. In searching the Lost Words of the site, I found the word 'aeipathy', which is defined as 'continuing passion; an unyielding disease', and it would appear that it is the opposite of apathy. The word 'myriander' means 'consisting of ten thousand men'. Then there's 'recineration': 'second reduction to ashes'. Or 'xenization', 'fact of travelling as a stranger'.

These are just four words that stood out to me in the lists. I'm not sure they have much meaning to me, seeing as I didn't even know they'd ever existed until just now, but they do cause me to wonder: why did we need those words? What changed, that they fell out of usage? What would life be like if we had kept using them?

The answers intrigue me. Very much.

And one of these days, I'll get better at linking to the other #WANAFriday posts. Oops.

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5 Responses to “#WANAFriday: An Interesting Word”

  1. I love discovering old words. Thanks for sharing these!

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  3. Kim Griffin says:

    I love how aeipathy equates passion with a disease. Interesting!

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