#WANAFriday: My Life As A Movie

I came up with this weeks' topic, therefore, I feel obligated to make a post discussing it. Perhaps my topic of your life as a movie is a little 'done', but in my experience, a lot of people will say: Bruce Willis plays me, Shannon Elizabeth plays my daughter and so on… and that's not enough for me. I asked for the starring roles, the cast—and why. A movie isn't that long, traditionally, so a movie about one's life can't cover everything. So what's important? Who is important? And why?

Boringly, a lot of my picks come down to relationship and looks. …and now I'm wishing I'd chosen something different. I don't want to insult anyone!

Well, there's me. I'm important. And I would have to say Dianna Agron would play me; long hair a must. Apart from us sharing a name, she looks like me, or I look like her. Close enough anyway. Same difference.

(I knew one girl who had the unfortunate circumstance to look almost identical to a porn star, at least in the facial area.)

There's my (current and hopefully last) girlfriend: Jennifer Lawrence would play L. She is about the only actress I can think of who even kind of sort of looks like said girlfriend, although she'll have to be shrunk a tad with movie magic. (Look, my girlfriend's short, but she's not that short; she can see over the tops of her own knees. 1)

As portrayed on The Big Bang Theory, Melissa Rauch is another option for being cast as my girlfriend, but she doesn't look like L at all. The height is pretty much all she's got going for her. Whilst I just saw a picture of her that suggests she could work in terms of facial likeness, there's also way more pictures that tell me she doesn't fit.

So Jennifer Lawrence it is.

I think those two starring roles are obvious enough: I don't intend on breaking up with said girlfriend, so she and I are going to be prominent.

I think the next consideration is family, but apart from my father, I wouldn't want any of them in a story about my life. And I'm not sure he'd get a starring role—it might just be easier to leave my family out of it. That said, I kind of feel Robert de Niro has the experience from his other roles needed to tackle my father, so I guess I'll go with him.

I have a very good friend, J. She would definitely get a starring role. I've known her some eight years or so now, and she is without exception my best friend that I actually get to see offline on a regular basis. For her, I'd go with Ashley Greene. Ashley has shown she can rock long and short hair, but more importantly, Ashley made the Twilight movies bearable. It's my opinion that Alice is the best damn character to come from Stephenie Meyer: she's strong, she takes no shit, and yet… she is vulnerable, caring and loving…

Look, in New Moon, we have a rotating camera shot of Bella to illustrate the four pages that contain a single word: the month. I didn't notice anything different about Bella in that shot as compared to the rest of the movies. Yet, Alice is always so different: sure, she's bubbly and hyper by default, but she CHANGES, DAMNIT.

Ashley conveyed that through the entire movies. That kind of acting is perfect for portraying J.

…well, this is kind of sad. Honestly, I cannot think of anyone else who would get a starring role, by nature of the fact that being a social mess, I don't really have many friends. The ones I do are mostly online, which kind of makes a movie with them hard.

Still. There is E. I've not seen many pictures of her, but given some of her reactions to video games like 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, I have this idea that a O.C. style Rachel Bilson would be a perfect choice to tap all that insanity.

There's A. Olivia Wilde seems to most match up to the couple of drawings I've seen of A, but I've never seen a picture of her, so it could be a completely horrible match up. And if Olivia Wilde can't draw worth shit, then we'll need a stand in. Or Olivia could learn. I've heard some people do that for roles.

Ameh, who visited me back in June/July seems to be perfectly played by Ellen Page. They both have an awesome energy about them.

K would be played by Blake Lively. Being that Blake is the only actress I can think of that even approaches K's height.

Um… Hmm. Siri would be played by Jayma Mays. I was considering Gwyneth Paltrow and then decided Jayma would be a closer match.

Amber Tamblyn is the closest match for H I can come up with, after some perusal of celebrity images.

…and I don't know many guys. Oops?

Those six are probably amongst the closest friends I've made online within the last couple of years, so the likelihood of them being in a movie about my life is probably better than even.

And lastly, T is another good friend. Emma Watson, for no other reason then she was online and I asked her to tell me who'd play her. And that's actually a good choice for her, they look somewhat similar.

Other participants forthcoming!

Liv Rancourt defines her life's soundtrack.

1. Modified phrasing from Catherine Jinks' Pagan Chronicles.


3 Responses to “#WANAFriday: My Life As A Movie”

  1. Anna says:

    Whoah, Olivia Wilde? 😀 You flatterer, you!

    Man, it's hard to pick an actress that even slightly resembles me – mostly because they tend to wear makeup, and I really, really don't. But purely in terms of looks, with some extra Hollywood-pretty on top? I'd go for Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis. She's got bigger lips and a different-shaped face, but we've got a similar sort of nose and a similar body shape (though she wears it better) – and as Darcy, we've got a similar sort of style. You know, glasses, dorky hats, t-shirts with prints and funny sweaters.

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  3. Liv Rancourt says:

    Your cast sounds awesome! I started thinking about who would be in my cast (Susan Sarandon would play me, Joe Manganiello would play my husband…because, why not?), but I got stuck on my kids so took my post in a different direction. Fun idea, though!

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