#WANAFriday: Springtime

I'm late. This was supposed to be up last Friday. Oh boy.

So it is spring, and I'm supposed to talk to you about my bucket list for the season. There's kind of only one problem. I don't really have anything official. …in fact, there are only two things I'd be trying to do: get through the rest of the year at TAFE and enter NaNo, as per usual. That's about it. That's pretty much all I've got.

At this point, I'm sticking it out with TAFE. I may yet crack, but I'd like to get through the year. Or at least until November. I'm monitoring myself, so we'll see. In the end, I believe Di is important. The course isn't. Feel free to disagree. But given I have been battling depression and such for… what, nine years now at least, and over the weekend I noticed a major spike in the depression, I'm probably going to take care of me first.

Assuming I can be bothered.

NaNo, though, is different; I'm a little less depressed when writing. It is a little escape into a world where I am the all seeing, all powerful goddess. I'm not sure what I'm planning on doing this NaNo, but I suppose it's time to think about it. We'll see what I come up with.

Writing could be on the bucket list, but I've been taking it slowly. The aim is of course to write every day; however, I have not made it a hard and fast rule. I think I'm doing better with it because of that. Which is a much nicer feeling than "oh crap, I've looked at this for an hour and written nothing".

And the other thing that was on the 'general' bucket list of my life was technically completed in winter. Last Friday, as a matter of fact.

You see, I am a fan/follower of the Hawthorn Hawks, an AFL team. I have been since at least April 26th, 2011—it is the first record I can find of me watching the game. It will do for a date. I'd been meaning to go to a Hawks match since 2012, but could not quite find the money/time last year. This year was no better with LIFE EVENTS happening, until at last I said "screw it" and went to the match in Sydney, against the Sydney Swans.

This was an important match for one reason: if Hawthorn won or drew, they finished the regular season at the top of the ladder, securing the minor premiership. There are twenty two matches over twenty three rounds: a win is worth four points, a draw is worth two, and a loss is worth zero. Ladder position is decided by points, then percentage, then… I have no idea. Those two are what matters here, though. A win for Geelong following a loss by Hawthorn would mean a tie in points, and in round twenty-two, Geelong had a higher percentage by point nine.

The percentage comes down to points scored versus points conceded. In theory, it was entirely possible for Hawks to lose, Geelong to win, and Hawks STILL remain on top, depending on how the scores worked out. But probably very, very unlikely.

So you can imagine that after spending all this money and time and effort, I was APPALLED to see Hawthorn play a pathetic first quarter. (AFL quarters go for twenty minutes, taking about half an hour to play when factoring in stopping time.) The second and third weren't much better, although Hawthorn did manage to catch up some.

And then in the fourth quarter, somehow they found something, and pulled ahead of the Swans and managed to win it. So that was good.

Now we just need to get into and win, the Grand Final.

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  2. Siri Paulson says:

    Hey, score one for crossing off a big bucket list item!

    And I know what you mean about writing and depression. Writing in general, and NaNo in particular, is an important part of mental health for me, too.

    Good luck with TAFE, but do what you need to do. *hugs*

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