Writing and the Ideas of Such

So I meant to talk about writing yesterday.

I don't write much… well, I don't write at all when I'm depressed. Nor when I've had a busy, exhausting day. That's one thing I need to be better at. I expect to have much more time come October's start, so I've set a goal to try and apply myself more then. It all hinges on a theory: I will have more good days where I'll consistently write… and the momentum from that will hopefully keep me writing when a sporadic bad day comes along. Until then, I'll work on getting everything done so I can have those good days.

That said, I also need to be much better at other aspects of writing. One thing is the priority of writing projects: there's little point in saying that [project] is my prority if [novel] is what I'm always writing on. Either correct my statements, or work on the prority; that's how I see it. I was about to say that prioritising is my biggest problem, however, I'm reconsidering that. It's true that sporadic writing will make anything take longer than it should need, but even so, things will be completed. Eventually.

But why can't I prioritise as well as I think I should? A couple of reasons, really.

Firstly, it's the influx of ideas that come up, which are often not related to anything current. It becomes a choice of writing down what has come to me, or letting it escape. And sometimes, it doesn't escape; it becomes more than just a few stray thoughts and concepts, landing itself in the myriad of novels I think I'd want to write sometime… and from there, it kind of snowballs, so I find myself writing several novels at once, and then it all kind of burns out. I recall writing three stories that never got past the concept and couple of chapter sketches… but those burned out husks turned into one much longer novel, because the ideas were pretty decent.

Secondly, it's a matter of interest, which always fluctuates. Maybe I will write when I'm depressed. But I'm far more likely to write my story where things aren't going so well, because I'm in no mood/state to write things going well. I've heard I'm not alone in that.

I guess those are things to think about.

Now, onto more fun things: writing ideas.

I am not against fanfiction. It's true that the characters are ready made, as are the setting and society. What I've noticed that opponents of fanfiction don't like to acknowledge—or so it appears—is that there is still room for creativity and originality.

Perhaps there is a book series or television show where everything is detailed, leaving no room for anyone to slip a knife edge into. I cannot think of a single one. There is always room to say "what if?" And in the end, that is what fanfiction is.

What if Harry was raised by goblins? Harry Crow, by robst.

What if Elfangor survived the crash? Elfangor's Folly, by Kim Hoppy.

What if the Six returned to the Realm? Legacy, by N.L. Rummi.

What if there was a darker reason for the letter that Kimberly sent Tommy? All I Want For Christmas, by Cheryl Roberts.

Read them, or not. It hardly matters. I've read all of them. And there is so much in all of them that was never explored in their respective series, that could never be explored, because they never went in those directions. Maybe it would be better if those writers focused on writing original things, things for publication. I don't know for sure, but I don't think it would be better.

I should like to badly misquote Gandalf now.

I will not say do not write, for not all stories are an evil…

I have myself dabbled in fanfic. It was easy; the ideas shaped themselves well to that world. That was a while ago; it has been a fair while since I wrote anything substantial in fanfiction. Now, though, I am faced with a dilemma: I have an idea that I would like to write, but it seems too good, too special to expend on a fanfiction that I cannot profit from (please don't quote Amazon at me; I'm not sure I trust their model). I might be best served by making it an original story and seeking publication. The story has molded itself to its world, though perhaps not irretrievably… and I could always adjust things as needed.

But do I want to? Maybe I should just leave it as the fanfic it is and just enjoy it?

I hate it when this happens.


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