#WANAFriday: On the Virtues of Buggering Hedgehogs

Make of this what you will, but my instinctive reaction upon seeing the prompt—Witches ~ What images does that word conjure up for you?—was to start a rant about some horrible person/people and then say "Oh, it started with a 'W'…"

Salem. Lily Evans. Hermione Granger. Granny Weatherwax. Magrat Garlick. And Nanny Ogg.


You can bugger the bear, if you do it with care,
in the winter, when he is asleep in his lair,
Though I would not advise it in spring or in fall—
but the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.1

Thank you, Kim. Now I have this song stuck in my head. I am really ever so grateful.

Obvious literary references aside, as well as even more obvious historical references aside… well, actually, once I put those aside, I've got nothing. Because at least in my head, witches has two meanings. In reference to my opening, it's a more polite form. The more widely used form of 'witch' is to mean one with magical powers.

From a literary standpoint, at least with my work, I might use 'witch' to mean someone with power/ability beyond the norm; that said, it kind of already means that in a way, albeit limiting itself to a specific power/ability as noted in the more widely used form.

If you're feeling quite coarse, you can bugger the horse,
or the palfrey, the jennet, the stallion (with force),
You can bugger the donkey, the mare, or the mule,
Though to bugger the pony is needlessly cruel.

Witch can also mean a wise woman—or at least in the Rowan of Rin series by Emily Rodda, Sheba is both called the Wise Woman and a witch… so there's that. Not to mention the sterotypical view as being evil (like in Roald Dahl's books).

But seriously, never try to bugger a hedgehog.

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1. You can bugger the ox (if you stand on a box)…


5 Responses to “#WANAFriday: On the Virtues of Buggering Hedgehogs”

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  2. Liv Rancourt says:

    I never knew you could bugger so many things…

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  4. Kim Griffin says:

    Ha! Sorry about the song stick :)

    I don't know the song, so I'm going to have to go look it up and then it will likely be stuck in my head too ~ if that makes you feel any better. Ha!

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