#WANAFriday: Witty Statements With Album Names

Thus far, my responses to the #WANAFriday prompts have more or less been an exact interpretation of the prompt—but today, I'm going to change it up a little. I don't generally get a song repeating in my player unless it's a new one and currently, no songs are stuck in my head. On the other hand, a couple of nights ago, I was thinking it'd be nice to create a little musical playlist for my NaNoWriMo attempt.

I've just dumped all my music audio into Winamp. 2,624 songs at 136:34:58+. That is because some of my audio is in wav format, which Winamp doesn't recognise. When I've removed the files that don't play… 2,201, 136:19:07. Some of my files don't have titles. Removing the ones I won't recognise by music/lyrics, I'm left with 2,155, 132:26:43.

…and since I've realised that showing off my list isn't going to work for this post, I'll change it up again. There's just too many songs to sort through.

I like music, though admittedly I don't really know how to pinpoint a genre—much like with writing. I have a filing system with my music (I sort by artist and then album…) However, money is kind of a necessary thing in our society, and the lack of it kind of sucks. So I don't get to buy as many CDs as I'd like, etc. I don't even use YouTube very often, either—not for new music, at least.

There are two artists that I will buy albums from without question, as soon as I can. So I guess in that sense, they are stuck in my head.

Delta Goodrem, a blonde Australian survivor of cancer and former Neighbours star. I actually tweeted something a while back… but here it is; the link's just to show you that Delta Goodrem actually REPLIED to me.

@moredibell: Taught to look with innocent eyes; our mistaken identity was flawed, yet Delta said we were each a child of the universe. @delta_goodrem

Celtic Woman is the second. Unfortunately, I don't have a witty tweet combining their albums into something smart.

So there you have it. The artists stuck in my head.

As a bonus: Taylor Swift would have us be fearless and speak now when we see red.


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  3. Erin Z. says:

    Oh, I LOVE Celtic Women, I've seen them in concert twice and they amazed me each time. Beautiful music, beautiful voices. And the fiddler! She's amazing, too.

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