Delurking After Craziness

Well, it's been a fun seven weeks.

The bushfires have been dealt with by the appropriate parties; I'm safe, my family and property are safe. I suppose there is always a risk of further bushfires, but it won't be coming from the areas that were burned up in October.

I strove for a win in NaNoWriMo, a win I am kind of displeased with. I made the word count, but only in a technical sense—far from being the novel I wanted, I really struggled with motivation and ideas to the point that to make word count, I changed the novel slightly to still make it 'one novel', and then just wrote a bunch of ideas.

It's not a total loss—the novel in and of itself can be taken apart to form better plots and the central idea I used was one I'd debated before, so it was interesting to see how I dealt with that even in a loose sense.

After NaNo ended, I took a break from writing. I have a bunch of games and challenges to work through, so I've been doing that. I attempted a Final Fantasy X One Day In No Saves last Friday. It didn't work out; I hadn't prepared or thought adequately about the attempt, though in doing it I learned a fair bit for the next time I decide to attempt it.

I'm also working on a Final Fantasy X No Sphere Grid game, and that is challenging/fun. I have a bunch more games—Lego LOTR/Marvel, FF XII, XIII, XIII-2, Pokemon Y…

I intend to complete them all!


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