Breaktime is over!

Battling depression… is no fun. It is very much a 'why bother?' period for me, and I dislike that. What have I been doing lately?

I've got a backlog of video games, and having completed my Final Fantasy X Penance attempt successfully, (although beating Penance took several tries), I moved onto Final Fantasy XII. That's going slowly, partly because I've also been taking a whack at Prison Architect.

I have been rewatching Veronica Mars so as to be done before the movie comes out. Still waiting on a release date… but then I'll be getting a copy of the movie as part of my Kickstarter pledge.

And I've also dabbled in some writing for the first time since November, so I feel pretty good about that. It's been nice to write again.

I'm planning to get back into writing for the #WANAFriday posts. It's February. I've had a small break from things… now let's get my ass in gear.

Which means I need to complete my blog redesign. *schedules that to start next Monday*


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