Civilization II: The Saga

So, I am a Civ fangirl. I never played Civilization (although I'm going to see if I can get it running now). I started with Civ II. Civ II is easily my favourite of them all, but I intend to play the others more fully one day.

In the last two years, I got Civ II running through Puppy Linux, and it was awesome. The one drawback was the lack of the videos that played when you built Wonders, or when a council meeting was held. I loved those videos. Over a decade ago, I paid $50 for a three Civ set: Civilisation, Civilization II and Civilization III. What I didn't know at the time–but quickly found out–was that the Civ II disc was for all intents and purposes THE ORIGINAL DISC.

This meant videos. Know what I discovered when I finally got around to watching them? The videos were encoded in a format that was *dead*. I used a video on YouTube to get Civ II playing on Puppy Linux and that was decent enough… but I decided that I wanted the videos. My father found original, unopened copies of Windows 95, the little book and CD that got distributed with computers. I snagged one.

Here, then, are my steps, just because I'm lacking a blog topic right now. Please note that I have legal copies of Civ II and Win 95 and am not advising you to obtain illegal copies.

1. First, I installed VirtualBox.

1a. I would want, in future, to have these two files already available to me, even though I took some googling to find them as I troubleshooted problems. I did not know that prior to Win 98 SE, the Windows CDs were not bootable. Diskette Image Dos6.22.img and SciTech Display Doctor.

2. I created a new Virtual Machine, operating system Windows 95.
2a. I set memory to 512 MB.
2b. I created a new virtual hard drive. (VirtualBox Disk Image, fixed size, 2.00 GB)

3. I looked at the settings of my machine and configured the following:

Audio options: Audio controller must be SoundBlaster 16.
System options: Acceleration tab, Enable VT-x/AMD-V should be unticked.
Storage options: Controller: Empty Floppy should be set to use the Dos6.22.img file.
Storage options: Controller: IDE has a CD/DVD option. Selecting "Host Drive Letter" allows the virtual machine to use *my* computer's physical CD/DVD drive. Passthrough needs to be ticked.
System options: change boot order to floppy, hard drive, CD/DVD.

4. I started the virtual machine and it booted into MS-DOS. I took note of the drive letter it gave me. In my case it was R:\, being my computer's physical CD/DVD drive, which contained my Windows 95 CD.

5. I tried to change to drive C: a dozen times before figuring out I needed to run FDISK–all the default options were fine–in order to make C:\ accessible and followed that with a FORMAT C: in order to format to the default FAT16/FAT32 filesystem.

6. I then changed drives to C: and ran 'mdir WIN95' before running 'copy R:\WIN95 C:\WIN95'.

7. Running C:\WIN95\setup.exe put me through setup and that went fine. I customised my install, so if anyone else copies me, I should expect that however you do it is fine.

8. Once I got into Windows 95 proper, I switched the CD/DVD devices to the virtual image of SciTech DD and installed that. It is a trial version, regrettably, so I can't say for sure what will happen once the trial runs out.

9. After installing SciTech DD, I clicked the disabled link to the left of the phrase 'SciTech Display Driver', and switched to the SciTech Nucleus Driver. This enabled the ability to adjust the resolution to higher than 640×480 and allowed me to go to True Colour (32 bit).

10. I created an iso image of my Civ II disc; I figured that was easier to handle than the actual disc and ran the install.

Long and short of it is: it works, I have videos, and I am indescribably happy.


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