Let Me Go: A Frozen Parody

I agree that Severus Snape is a complex character. I agree that he spied for the Light side and was instrumentally helpful. I have never agreed with many of his other actions; on the whole I think Snape is someone who did the right thing out of obligation, not because it was in his nature or because he thought it was the right thing to do.

I'm sure Snape thought he loved Lily; I've been there myself with some people, so I won't fault him for the same. But I grew up and came to realise that I had not, in fact, loved these people. In one case, I did love someone, but I had to let them go, because they didn't want to be with me anymore. It's that saying, "if you love something, set it free".

I could entertain a possibility that he did love her once, but allowed it to warp itself into a possessive, ugly type of love. Gut feeling is that he didn't love Lily. He just wanted her because he thought of her as his.

And so, I present a Let It Go parody. I wish I knew someone who could sing/record this parody; I'd like to hear it.

The snow glows white on my gravestone tonight,
The inscription can't be seen,
You've got serious problems,
And it looks like I'm your queen.

The wind is howling in your frozen heart inside,
Couldn't warm it up, heaven knows I tried.

Didn't love me, no, didn't care for me,
You cared only for what I was meant to be,
Revenge against the Gryffindors,
Well, not anymore…

Let me go, let me go,
I'm Potter's wife forevermore
Let me go, let me go,
You're a petty man, no more

I don't care
What your excuses are,
Leave my son alone,
He's a better man than you any day

It's funny how some actions,
Makes everything so clear,
You chose your path so long ago,
It's one I cannot cheer

Teaching's not what you want to do,
Tormenting kids gets you through,
They hate, they fear, no praise for you,
Curse you!

Let me go, let me go,
I am one with my Potter beau,
Let me go, let me go,
You'll never have this doe

Here I lie,
Dead and buried,
Leave my son alone!

My son is looking at you with my eyes so green,
My son doesn't know what a greasy git you've truly been,
And one thought is yours in a ghostly blast,
I'll never come see you,
In this world or the next

Let me go, let me go,
And I'll be summoned by the Stone,
Let me go, let me go,
Was never yours to own

And I wait,
Watching Harry live,
Leave my son alone,
He's a better man than you any day


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