Breasts and Agency of Choice

I saw a link about boxers using unique speed bags. Turns out that a woman in Thailand had her breasts used as speed bags by a boxer.

I'm not going to link to the video/article, because the site is rather derogatory towards women. I don't have to support or condone that. I personally got the impression the site enjoyed this event as a way to inflict abuse on women, that this woman was to be commended for accepting her place as a punching doll. There's so much wrong with that attitude that I wouldn't know where to begin.

Violence and abuse against anyone is not okay. To forestall anyone, in a consensual relationship a man or woman might be abused as part of a roleplay or a BDSM relationship—but I wouldn't call that glorification, like this site appeared to be doing. There's a whole world of difference between two consenting adults saying "hey, let's try out a whip without any limits to see how hard we like it" and whipping the shit out a woman just because "that's her place".

However, that's not what I really wanted to talk about. I am curious as to what led the woman to be in that position. From experience, I halfway expect that many people will say that she had no choice in it. However, also from experience, I know that many women have agency of choice in all their decisions. They decide what they will do with no coercion. I fully support helping women escape lives where they are forced to do something—prostitution easily springs to mind, but I do not believe that a woman who decides of her own free will to be a sex worker needs to be rescued from anything.

And it got me thinking. As humans, we choose to do things. Stay in bed and play with a 3DS or Vita. Get up and go to McDonalds for breakfast. Call our boss a stupid moron who doesn't know a Cat5 cable from a phone jack. Allow a boxer to use one's breasts as speed bags. I could go on.

From what I have seen… the world—and I mean everyone, even if some groups are more vocal—seems to want to women's agency of choice and reduce it to "she doesn't know what she wants", "she'll stop being stupid", "she wouldn't have chosen to do that if she really had a choice", "she likes that only because she's been told she likes that"…

I'm not saying you have to like or approve of anyone's choices. But if a woman chooses to wear high heels… or to lop her hair off… or to let a boxer use her breasts as speed bags… or dress slutty… or be single… or have a job and kids…

Maybe she's done that just because she wanted to… because she thought it was best for her? There's absolutely nothing else behind it?


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