I Live, Therefore I Blog

Maybe the goal for this year of blogging is to blog a little more regularly. That would be nice.

There are reasons for my absence in the past month; namely, I rent and as such was subjected to an inspection of the place, which was provisionally failed thanks to my roommate. They gave us a little less than two weeks to rectify the issues, and said issues were rectified. As far as I know, I'm not being kicked out. I assume I would have heard by now.

Beyond that…


Well. I've recently got back into Magic: The Gathering. I have never been a good player, or even a serious one. I have a couple of seriously good decks, and maybe five more that completely suck because I don't know much about the game, nor am I that interested in really learning. I want to have fun, and for some, maybe getting involved in the game to that extent would be fun. For me… not so much. Maybe in the future.

I've been playing more FFX HD. I had decided that I would do one complete run through before working on FFX-2 HD, and I'm relatively close to the end of the 'main' storyline, after which all the sidequests can occur before going onto the end.

I also have a save file in which I'm going through the game with only Rikku, Yuna and Lulu, a save file for an NSG run and a save file that's for going throiugh the game with my girlfriend, whom I convinced to buy a Vita and FFX|X-2 HD.

And I bought Final Fantasy XIV on Steam, so that was fun.

Pokémon is going quite well. On Y, I just do whatever. On X, I have a female team only—for an extra challenge. I should do some more soonish, as for this month only, you can earn an exclusive Pokémon because of the GTS celebrating… one hundred million trades, I believe.

And I'm writing a little. A little is better than nothing!


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