Rapunzel Cosplay

J: Well it's a costume party (musical themed, naturally).
Di: …maybe I should buy a wig and come as Angel. Totally lazy costume for the win!

J: Also, I'm surprised you're passing up the opportunity to come as Rapunzel—Disney musicals are included.

And it has since snowballed from there.

I have ordered a Pascal, another friend is buying me a small lightweight frying pan, I have a pair of shoes because bare feet may work for Rapunzel in Corona but in reality that is not a good idea (also I can't imagine any establishment approving of bare feets)…

All that remains is the wig and the dress. And they're going to happen.

I am seriously going to be Rapunzel, my favourite fairy tale character and my favourite Disney Princess.


2 Responses to “Rapunzel Cosplay”

  1. Anna says:

    Oooh, I bet this will be amazing! That wig is going to be a challenge – are you buying it ready made, or are you going to make it yourself?

    I have friends who do a lot of cosplay(one of them does an *amazing* Ice Queen from Adventure Time) and I know they occasionally have to dye and style their own wigs, because it's tricky to find one that fits perfectly. Of course, Rapunzel might be popular enough that there ARE fitting figs already.

    • Dianna says:

      I'm buying it ready made. Unfortunately it costs about $60 USD (with shipping) or so, and I'm completely broke after getting this far. I'm crossing my fingers and praying it will still be available next week when I have the money for it.

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