Displeased With Nintendo

And the Australian customer service branch of Nintendo.

I have a 3DS. XL, specifically.

A new 3DS/3DS XL is going to be coming out the same day as the newest Pokémon games, which I'm vaguely interested in buying. Which means, for me, trading in my old one.

Now. I have a Steam account. I can sign into that account on any computer, and play all my games on that computer.

I have a PSN ID; by signing into it on a PS3/Vita, I can access any game content I'm entitled to.

All I really wanted to know was if I could buy a new 3DS and sign in with my current Nintendo Network ID and my Nintendo eShop account. I had assumed the answer was 'yes', because let's face it, people's stuff can break, be lost or be stolen. It makes sense. I can do it with all my other accounts. Losing my 3DS or breaking it should not lose me my ID/eShop account.

I searched the internet initially about prepping my system for trading, and got so confused that I looked up Nintendo Australia customer support and called.

I spoke with a woman, who seemed to be pissed about people calling, because 1, I got accused of calling about this before, and 2, repeatedly said "you will need to perform a System Transfer between the two consoles". Seeing as I specifically asked "So if you lose your 3DS, you will lose your Nintendo Network ID?", I'm rather peeved. A 'yes/no' would have answered that question directly and I'd be happy.

Armed with new search ideas, I did some googling.

Still have no idea if I can sign into a new 3DS with a current Nintendo Network ID (seems to be something you could do if you were signing into a 3DS, Wii or Wii U and already had a different one of the previous consoles with a Nintendo Network ID), but it appears pretty clear to me that System Transfer is the only way to keep your purchases that you have made digitally. Nintendo is, apparently, the only company in the world who doesn't lock purchases to an account; they lock them to the console. So I have bought three or four digital games, and won't buy anymore, because while I might want to play 'em, unless Nintendo is going to change how they handle things, it's not worth it.


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