Thus, It Was Decreed: 2015

So I think having some sort of loose schedule for my time might help me be more productive. Nothing too rigid, but certainly some form of structure to give me an idea of what's going on; what I want to be accomplishing for that day.

Over at Weaver of Words, Erin Zarro is beginning a second Year of No Fear. …not sure that I'm aware of being afraid of anything, but I am determined to do certain things this year, and come hell or high water, they're gonna get done. Nothing will get in the way. Not even fear.


Most important is savings. There is a lovely savings thing where you save the week, and at the end of the year, you have $1,352. I attempted this last year; failed miserably. I have decided to do it again. Even more damningly, I have decided to calculate what I could have earned in interest, etc last year.

With what I could have got last year, what I am currently owed by people who are paying me back, and this year's $1,352, my goal is to end this year with $6,000. This will be what forms my emergency moving fund. A few years back, I saved about $8,000 in ten months to go on a major holiday, so I feel confident that I can do three quarters of that with two months more. If I do move before the end of the year, then the costs will be taken from that savings goal.


I have decided the following.

  • I can write whatever I want this year; it doesn't matter if no one will read it.
  • I'm going to enjoy what I'm writing; if I'm writing some fun shits and giggle fanfiction, so be it!
  • However, I must have a main project that is original fiction, on which I must write one hundred and fifty words every day, because I want to get published; therefore I need publishable works!
  • I'm going to work on downloading the Holly Lisle resources because I keep meaning to and forgetting.


I am going to make Tuesday and Friday post days for Di Verbs Things, and I think that I shall make Sunday and Wednesday post days for here; though I'm going to be more relaxed about here. If I have nothing to blog about, I'm not going to force a post. This may be idiotic in terms of forming an author platform, but I'm blogging for me, primarily. People may read, or not; they don't often comment in any case, it seems, with fifty-six comments across fifty-five posts, of which some are my replies.

I do know that some moron has been trying to log in as admin for the past several weeks. I wish they'd stop.


I'm going to complete all the Final Fantasies I own this year. That would be III, IV, VII, IX, X-2, XII, XIII, XIII-2, and Lightning Returns. I do own XIV, but that is a MMORPG one, and so I'm meh about that one. I'd also like to finish all the Pokémons! Oooh, and Civilization too.

Those are my main goals for this year.

So hmm… I think a good rule is that I'm not allowed to game until I've hit the 150 word minimum on my main project, therefore writing is going to be one of the first things I do each day once I've sat down at a computer.

Above all else, I will be gentle with myself over these goals.


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  1. Erin Z. says:

    Yes, be gentle with yourself. You could argue that I didn't get it all done last year, and that's a valid point, but the fact that I did *anything* is the important part. Baby steps. (Which is why this 2nd Year of No Fear exists).

    I'm glad you're joining! We will rock 2015 together!!!!!

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