Perhaps something needs to change

Why do I have this blog, one wonders, if I do not regularly update it? But then the point was more to have a home where I can say things, and if people disagree with me, well, I've said it.

The following is a quote I've seen attributed to a Professor Brian Cox:

The problem with today's world is that everyone believes they have the right to express their opinion AND have others listen to it.

The correct statement of individual rights is that everyone has the right to an opinion, but crucially, that opinion can be roundly ignored and even made fun of, particularly if it is demonstratively nonsense.

Gaming is going slowly, as is writing, but I suppose both are going, which is something. Maybe I need to think on whether writing through depression is something I'm cut out for. I know something is wrong, and maybe I even know what that is… but…

It all feels very complicated. Bleh.

I've mentioned Magic the Gathering before, and have installed a plugin which may or may not work that will let you hover over a card like so: Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury.

Maybe now I can discuss my decks in more detail?


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