About Me

My name is Dianna Bell. Or Di, if you prefer. After collaboration with some friends, I have managed to create something resembling a bio, so here goes:

I am a twenty-something female trying to find her way around in this crazy world, with some very specific interests.

In theory, I spend most of my time writing, in hopes of getting things published. I have published some things under various names, so I feel confident about my writing in some sense. In my spare time, I read books and webcomics, I play various video games, I code webpages, and I watch varying TV shows/movies.

I've been coding webpages for about thirteen years, having first got my start back when Yahoo! Geocities was a thing. Thankfully, it's long dead; I'd posted some truly terrible fanfiction. This WordPress theme I coded by hand, so that was exciting. And a giant pain.

I do have a Steam account, with a fair few games on there. Currently investing time in Prison Architect, a game by Introversion Software. I am a big Final Fantasy fan, although I got into it with X, so don't know much before that point. I played some games on the Commodore 64/Amiga systems, but post that, my first video game would have been Civilization II, which started a pretty good love affair with Civ—to the point that I have installed–and will again–VirtualBox machines to run Civ II.

I also enjoy Defense Grid, an amazing Tower Defense Grid game that I call Bloons on Crack.

I follow the webcomics Questionable Content and General Protection Fault.

I'm working through the 2005 revival of Doctor Who currently for TV shows.

I read Holly Lisle, Stephen King, George R.R. Martin and Matthew Reilly to name a few.

And so we come to writing.

Been writing for as long as I can remember, and make sure to participate in NaNoWriMo each year; have won each time I participated.

Occasionally Asked Questions

Q: Why 'moredibell'?

A: If you have to ask, then you've never heard of 'More cowbell', the skit from Saturday Night Live, April 8th, 2000. Interestingly, I only just learned where it came from now when I googled it… *shakes head*

Q: Is there a particular genre/fandom you enjoy writing most?

A: I believe the best way to answer this is to quote an exchange between an author and his agent. Sadly, I cannot remember who this author is. If anyone DOES know, PLEASE TELL ME.

So, this guy wrote a book; his agent read it. And the agent rang up, and said "So you've written a book for teenagers?" (I think it was teenagers. I don't know, and my Google-fu failed me.) And he replied "I have?" Because he never thought about that stuff. He just got an idea and wrote the story.
And I do the same. Although I will admit that my ideas tend more to either fantasy or what I would term 'real life', things that could be happening, etc.

Q: And what about fandoms for your fanfiction?

A: I write Harry Potter, Skins, Marvel, Sherlock… if I had an idea, I'd do a Doctor Who one.

Q: Who is your favorite leader to play as in Civ V?

A: Haven't played enough to know yet–though I rather suspect that I'll end up playing the Russians. Because those names of cities, well, I always enjoyed them in Civ II…

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